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  • Jij hebt goud in handen

    Jij hebt goud in handen

    Friday November 20th, 2015

    Wat heeft goud in je smartphone te maken met kinderarbeid? Een Explainimation door journalist en videomaker Bruno van Wayenburg. Tekeningen door mij.   More

  • ‘Cash machine’ Apple creates poor societies

    ‘Cash machine’ Apple creates poor societies

    Saturday October 31st, 2015

    How does Apple short-change societies by acting as a financial investor? All is explained in this video by science journalist and animator Bruno van Wayenburg. Artwork (and free font) by me, animation by Bruno.   More

  • Blue animated algae!

    Blue animated algae!

    Tuesday September 16th, 2014

    Artwork for a movie for Photanol. A company that uses engineered cyanobacteria to turn CO2 directly into predetermined products when exposed to light. The movie was produced by science journalist and 'science animator' Bruno van Wayenburg.   More

  • History never repeats #2

    History never repeats #2

    Tuesday January 22nd, 2013

    Animated gif for the Dutch website 365dagenkunst (365 days of art), which features a new piece of work by artists each day.  Watch the bigger version on 365dagenkunst, and click on the 'Mooi' button, pretty please. More

  • Night Owls

    Night Owls

    Monday August 13th, 2012

    An animated gif for 365dagenkunst.nl. Pure coincidence that it's put online during the Perseid meteor shower. More

  • Doodle


    Wednesday July 11th, 2012

    Doodling about with Flash. I have no idea what it means either.   More

  • Hibou belt Marten Toonder

    Hibou belt Marten Toonder

    Tuesday May 29th, 2012

    Hibou aan de lijn met Marten Toonder. Gemaakt voor een special over de Boeddha in Toonder op bodhitv.nl, met nog meer tekenaars, waaronder Frits Jonker en Raoul Deleo. Grote versie na de doorklik.   More

  • Brilliant Bicycles!

    Brilliant Bicycles!

    Friday March 9th, 2012

    Animation for an exhibition in Science Centre NEMO in Amsterdam, about the scientific and technical principles behind this quintessentially dutch mode of transport.. Original artwork by Nico den Dulk.    More

  • Hibou juggling

    Hibou juggling

    Tuesday August 9th, 2011

    A little animation I whipped up for a flip book some years ago. Like owls? Subscribe to my owls shake on the fantastic picture sharing site mlkshk.com    More

  • The Amazing Swiss Cheese Organ

    The Amazing Swiss Cheese Organ

    Tuesday June 28th, 2011

    Oh my god! The cheese is alive! Click anywhere for optimum enjoyment. More