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  • You’re Never Far

    You’re Never Far

    Monday April 11th, 2022

    Doodled during a Sunday evening zoom meeting with friends. A lighthouse in the mountains? And what is that THING in the sky?   More

  • A stranger comes to town

    A stranger comes to town

    Wednesday December 15th, 2021

    A stranger comes to town. More

  • Apple guru

    Apple guru

    Thursday April 21st, 2016

    lllustration for Dutch Mac magazine MacFan, edition #124. Accompanying a piece by columnist Ferry Piekart. Get the MacFan app in the app store.   More

  • Blue animated algae!

    Blue animated algae!

    Tuesday September 16th, 2014

    Artwork for a movie for Photanol. A company that uses engineered cyanobacteria to turn CO2 directly into predetermined products when exposed to light. The movie was produced by science journalist and 'science animator' Bruno van Wayenburg.   More

  • Mac Heartbreak

    Mac Heartbreak

    Tuesday July 16th, 2013

    llustration for Dutch Mac magazine MacFan. Accompanying a piece by columnist Ferry Piekart.   More

  • My First ebook

    My First ebook

    Monday July 2nd, 2012

    'll be damned. My first e-book! Now in the iTunes store: Gemekker. A collection of hilarious columns by ex-Windows user Ferry Piekart about his infatuation with anything Apple. With gloriously crappy illustrations by me. Sorry: totally not interesting if you can't read Dutch.… More

  • Job insecurity

    Job insecurity

    Tuesday February 14th, 2012

    Poster for Dutch trade union FNV about the up and down sides of job insecurity.    More

  • Logo for Comedy International

    Logo for Comedy International

    Tuesday June 14th, 2011

    Logo design for Comedy International, an international comedy conference for the comedy industry in the UK. More

  • In memoriam

    In memoriam

    Saturday January 15th, 2011

    Once I had a goldfish. I didn’t take care of it that well. Sometimes I wasn’t even able to see if it was still alive because of all the gunk in the bowl. And then one day, when I came home, I could see it clearly. Lying next to the bowl. Dead. This is in remembrance of… More

  • Useless


    Saturday January 15th, 2011

    Click! Interactive animation. Just click anywhere to see what makes this cow tick More

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